About Me

Hi, I'm Karen and am glad that you have come to visit. This blog will be happenings in the family circle. There is always something that is going on that may be helpful for others to learn about. Being a pastor's wife for some 35 years, a mother for 35 years and a grandmother for some 9 years I do have some stories and helps for those of you reading this blog.
About me, I love doing diy stuff. I love trying new projects, which is probably why I'm not an expert at any of them. I like sewing, painting, making bows for my grand girls, doing genealogy research, planning weddings, which I've had three in the last three years.
Another part of me likes to travel. My husband and I have been trying to go to different parts of the country in the past two or three years. My husband has traveled to different countries, but I have not made it any place out of the country but Mexico. I went on several mission trips to Mexico.
Another part of me loves working on church projects. I am now working as the nursery coordinator at our church. This keeps me very busy. I also help with a youth camp we have run for 25 plus years.
Helping with ladies ministry in the church is another area I love to work in.
You can see that I keep very busy and still seeking ways I can work in the area of serving the Lord Jesus Christ in my life.

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